• 4 workshops of 2 hours

    Ableton Live

    Meet the number 1 production tool!

Ableton Live


As the favourite tool of the Voidd crew is Ableton Live, we’re eager to tell you all that we know. We teach you:

  • Ableton Live Basics
  • Creating beats
  • Creating basslines
  • Using FX / plugins
  • Sequencing
  • Editing
  • Utilising external midi equipment

About Voidd Lab


Ableton Live


This course consists of 4 classes of 2 hours.

Every class consists of 60 minutes theory and 60 minutes practise, under guidance of your Voidd Lab mentor.

In the last class you’ll be in charge! With the help of your mentor, you will produce a complete track. This track will be reviewed and judged by your Voidd Lab mentor. You get additional tips and tricks to help you in your future producer career!


The price for 4 classes is €250,-

Please note! Voidd Lab has a member-get-member construction. This means that, for every new Voidd Lab student that you bring in, you get 1 class for free!

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