New in Barcelona: Voidd LAB!

Voidd LAB is the new Music Production and Deejay school in Barcelona, powered by Voidd and Depot Lab Barcelona. 

DJ and producing duo Renzo & Manoah will provide both producing and deejay lessons.

Lessons program will include:

  • Ableton Live
  • Traktor Studio
  • Audio Basics + Technology
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Music Business
  • Deeyay-ing with Traktor, CD and Turntable


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Disruptive startups: Voidd wants to be one

This blog appeared earlier (in Dutch) on Marketingfacts.nl

‘Disruptive’ is quickly becoming the buzzword for 2015. Uber, AirBnB; they are examples of companies that critically overlooked existing markets and decided to start doing things completely different. And Spotify is an attempt to radically change the music market. An attempt? Yes. Services like Spotify only changed the way music is purchased and consumed. It didn’t change anything in the value chain: every party from the old, traditional music business is still present. Why is that a problem?

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