• Vinyl and cd

    DJ 1 (analog)

    The basics of deejaying starts with analog gear.

Analog dj-ing


The basics of deejaying starts with analog gear. Without sync button 🙂 Learn to handle vinyl like the heroes of back then, and flawlessly mix cd’s like it’s your second nature. We teach you everything about:

  • Operating a Technics SL1210
  • Operating a Pioneer CDJ
  • Operating a Dateq XTC
  • Beatmatching
  • Pitch bending
  • Track selection
  • Reading the crowd

About Voidd Lab


DJ 1 (analog)


This course consists of 8 classes of 1 hour.

Every class consists of 30 minutes theory and 30 minutes practise, under guidance of your Voidd Lab mentor.

In the last class you’ll be in charge! You will conduct a dj-set of 30-45 minutes which will be recorded. This dj-set will be reviewed and judged by your Voidd Lab mentor. Based on this you will get an final mark. If this mark is sufficient (which is virtually always the case) you will get your Voidd Lab DJ certificate!


The price for 8 classes is €250,-

Please note! Voidd Lab has a member-get-member construction. This means that, for every new Voidd Lab student that you bring in, you get 2 classes for free!


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