• Vinyl and cd

    DJ 1 (analog)

    The basics of deejaying starts with analog gear. Without sync button :-) Learn to handle vinyl like the heroes of back then, and flawlessly mix cd's like it's your second nature. We teach you everything about operating a Technics SL1210, operating a Pioneer CDJ, operating a Dateq XTC, beatmatching, pitch bending, track selection, reading the crowd.

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  • Traktor DJ

    DJ 2 (digital)

    The future of deejaying! Enabling you to step up your game and combine traditional sets with samples, loops and effects. We teach: file management, playing with 2 decks, playing with 4 decks, looping, FX, samples, stems.

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  • 4 workshops of 2 hours

    Ableton Live

    As the favourite tool of the Voidd crew is Ableton, we're eager to tell you all that we know. From Basics, Basslines, Beats and FX to Plugins, Midi equipment, Sequencing and Editing.

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  • Where it all starts

    Audio Basics

    A good basis is a guarantee for further succes. We teach you all about Sound theory, Sonology, Acoustics, Dynamics, Wav / Aif, Mp3, FLAC

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  • Technology in birds eye view

    Basic theory Audio Technology

    How to handle equipment? Here is where you learn it. We discuss Vinyl, Tape, Live PA, Radio technology, CD, Mixing panels, Microphones, Effects, Cables, Loudspeakers

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  • The basis of all producing

    Mixing and mastering

    Learn to mix and master like a pro, in order to produce your killer track. We teach all about Volume / balance, Compression, EQ, Stereo / mono, Effects, Limiting Enhancing / equalizing, Leveling, Editing

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  • Talking Big Business

    Music Business

    Producing and deejaying is 1. Finding your way inside the music business is 2. We teach you all about Record labels, Publishers, Sena / Buma / Stemra / Biem, Distribution, Retai, Marketing, (Personal) Branding

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