Manoah: Let’s do things differently

Manoah is the founder of Voidd and will open the Voidd @ Bar 177 party July 11th. Let’s find out more about this fellow!

Quick facts

Sushi or dimsum? Dimsum.
Do you find interest in other people? Depends on the people. Come on. Well, yes,  I could say that I generally do.
Are you concerned by the impression you make? Yes.
Life’s motto?
Nothing’s fixed. Everything’s liquid.
Favorite track of all times? My goodness. Let me get back on this one. No. Okay, well ehm. Kolombo – I’m on your side (Westboy remix)

Main interview

Hi Manoah!
Hi there yourself! How about doing things completely different this time?

Ehr, yeah. What did you have in mind? Imagine, right now you look outside and see the whole world collapse. You think by yourself: okay, this was about to happen someday anyway, so you’re totally not suprised. Only thing is: you’re in the middle of an interview with me, and would like the archeologists that are gonna dig us up from the rubble in 10? 20? 30? 100? years to find something substantial. You know, so you didn’t call me for nothing. You look outside your window again and come to the conclusion that there’s time for only 1 question and answer. Which question would that be?



Gosh. Ehm, well, then I’d ask you the first thing that pops in mind, about your djset, since I’ve just finished listening to it. What exactly is sexy and organic about it? I happen to find terms like deep, hypnotising and dark more applicable.
Good question! First: the fact that an apple is round, does not mean he can not also be green. Or red. But indeed, those are things you can determine objectively. With artforms, like music, it’s different ; taste varies and definitions are subjective. However, we wanted to give some indicators to Voidd which are based on feeling, on experience. In any way, we wanted to stay away from cold, hard, monotone techno, and also from populistic housemusic that rich girls dance to in a circle with the bags in the middle. The first is not sexy and the latter is not organic. See? With those two terms you exclude a lot of noise already. However, it’s probably interesting to see whats the deeper underlying motive for choosing those two terms.

I guess the sexy comes from the fact that I think it’s important to dance to house music (let’s stick to ‘house’ as category term) and feel the sexyness of your body. In a way, dancing is like sex. It’s eclectic, erotic. I fell in love with house music because it was the first kind of music that could really get you into a state of eclecticness, a state of trance. For me, dancing on house is meditating. With closed eyes, with open eyes. To see everything, to experience everything, but not to pay any attention to anything but your body which moves to the music. House music for me was returning to our ancient self, like African or American-Indian dances which go on and on and on for hours. See? There comes organic in play. And you cannot understand that, you have to feel that. There is no listening to house music, there is only experiencing it.



Back in 1989, nobody around me liked house music because they tried to understand it. People are still trying to understand it by turning housemusic into pop music again. And then you hear it everywhere on Kingsday. And in game shows. And in talent shows. And on commercial radio stations. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in a bunch of people, who together are dancing to house music without being concerned with how they look, what’s new on their phones, what time it is, what day it is, what their names are, what they are going to do tomorrow. Only to be here and now, dancing their asses off. See? It’s modern meditating, man. And that’s the purpose of my music. And that’s what I want Voidd to be, not just an organisation who throws parties for people who come to do some drugs and have small talk and stare at each other. But for people who want to heal theirselves by dancing to house. Better said: dancing to sexy and organic techhouse.

I think we should run. I think you’re right.

See you in the afterlife, Manoah. It’s going to be allright.

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