Who is Voidd

Voidd is a techhouse platform owned by Manoah Klaasse and Renzo van Dijk.


Voidd recognizes good quality dance music in general and tech house music in particular and the efforts that are made in order to get this music out in the open. Voidd is specialised in tech house and has got quite an explicit, delicate and clear opinion about it and what it should sound like. Everyone, regardless just starting or famous, whose heart is in the right place, producing or playing tech house with the right vibe, should be supported and given a channel/means in order to get their sound out there.

Electronic music technology makes it possible to create music, develop sounds and thus create hearing experiences that never existed before. We think this is a thrilling journey and think it’s important to invest and put energy into development and experimenting with new techniques of making music.

Core values

Attention for detail, warmth, love for music, (mutual) respect, less is more, small is beautiful, intimacy, quality, fun/enjoyment, authenticity, honesty, originality, progression, development, experiment.


To bring good quality techhouse made by loving hands, untouched by commercial pressure and independent of financial goals. It is our secundairy goal to expand Voidd, but only within the core values. When Voidd is growing commerce comes into play automatically, but this may never be the leading factor in Voidd.

This is something we stand for: quality music first! We want to help ourselves and others to embrace and understand new technology in order to add to this wonderful journey called music, regarding soft- and hardware.


Starting point for expansion is always Voidd itself and the crew, but we are also always on the look for possible collaborations with likeminded people and organisations. We are considering starting a recordlabel. Wanna join? Contact us!

Business philosophy

Alternative currencies, sharing economy, disruptive business models, sustainable entrepreneurship, the network society, perceived value pricing, co-creation, crowd-funding; these are all developments in how we organize our society and make it future proof by leaping from old rusty habits. With Voidd, we want to move away from institutionalized methods as far as we can in order to make it super future proof. We don’t believe in big institutions, ownership, making a lot of money, mass media and commercialization. We don’t need governments or other third parties to regulate what we’re doing. We can do it ourselves. We will build and use our own network in order to get our creations out there. And we believe in an integrated way of building our platform.

Voidd desires to become every part of the music value chain. First, it will use its academy (Voidd Academy) to scout for talent and accompany these talents in their development towards professional artists. The music that is produced, can be used to throw showcase events or even club nights (Voidd Events) with academy-produced music and students only. These club nights could be recorded and, supplemented with interviews and live presentation, broadcasted as radio shows (Voidd Radio). In a crowdsourcing way, listeners to the show could be involved in the selection regarding what is released on our label (Voidd Records).

This integrated approach makes sure that only the people who are a directly active participant in the music producing, playing and publication process are working in the value chain.

Music for the people, by the people.