Rauwkost: I love it when people embrace the unobvious

Interview with Rauwkost

Rauwkost and Voidd go way back: remember the Voidd Dinner Show at Pakhuis Wilhelmina Amsterdam? We found out that Rauwkost’s sound is still leaving us longing and hungry for more, so we asked him to play on our party coming Saturday. Let’s find out what makes him tick!

Quick facts

Coffee or tea?  Coffee for sure! Give me a nice cup of coffee and I’m a happy man.
Which song popped up first to your mind when you woke up this morning?   No songs unfortunately… I was having a cup of coffee and getting prepared to leave home for work… so I guess the ‘you should get ready to go to work’ voice was mostly on my mind this morning…
Dreams of playing at…  I would love to play on an uninhabited island, somewhere tropical with a mystique atmosphere in the middle of a jungle.
What is your favorite track at this moment? I don’t have one to be honest… every moment can have its own track and each one can complement a different mood. So basically every moment I can have a different favorite. I can enjoy any kind of music, from what you can daily hear on the radio to underground tracks.

Main interview

Where did it all start out for you, what got you in touch with dance music? I started to learn how to make and play music myself in my bedroom up in the attic. That was even before I would go out to events and parties myself. Later on, Jasper and I started to make and play music together. At the beginning, most parties where we would perform were illegal raves in Utrecht and (after)parties organized by our friends. This way we ended up in a huge variety of places and eventually Rauwkost was born.

How did you get in contact with Voidd?  When Rauwkost just started I got in touch with Moritz and Manoah and we would run into each at parties. We know each other from events like GZG and Shoeless. Nowadays Moritz and I usually end up playing at a lot of the same events.

Do you have a favorite moment in general when playing a set, like the beginning or the closing part? To me it’s of most importance that I have a good time myself and that I sense that the audience gets me.

Sometimes you have that moment when everything adds up and just falls into place when you play a bold, not so obvious track and people truly understand what you’re doing… that is my ultimate favorite moment.

You’ve made an event promo mix, can you tell us a bit more about it? It consists out of mostly new tracks and it’s a bit more solid and robust than usual on purpose.


What do you expect from the Voidd party on July 11th? A bottle of Vodka haha! And of course an energetic audience that will go loose. It will be nice to be reunited with the whole Voidd gang as well and as for the rest of the evening, the night will tell. It’s all still a surprise.

What music will you play for us at Voidd @ Bar 117 on July 11th? My own music as I’m playing a live set. You can expect some tracks from the promo mix but of course I will also adapt a bit to the atmosphere of the evening and surprise you with some new material. I will definitely put something nice together for all of you!

Thank you Rauwkost. Let’s enjoy the promo mix you made for us to get in the mood for Saturday!


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